• Vision

    “To be global leading producers of world class specialty Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) using state of the art technology, innovative manufacturing set up, cutting edge digital systems and outstanding work-force.”

  • Mission
    • To provide 100% customer satisfaction and perfectly fulfill customers’ needs.
    • To guarantee the best quality products to our customers by focusing on operational excellence and product innovation.
    • To establish mutual respect and long term relations with all our stake holders.
    • Our commitment to quality, consistency and improvement on a continuous basis.
  • Value

    We work continuously to create value for our customers. Underlying our success is our commitment to these values:

    Quality – In products
    Flexibility – In thinking
    Innovation – In output
    Reliability– At work
    Responsibility – Towards customer
    Possibility – Our strength

  • We strive for
    • Excellence and best practices in all spheres of work
    • Customer centricity through innovation
    • Commitment to honesty and transparency