Wellknown Polyesters

Wellknown Polyesters Ltd. (WPL) has made a strong impression in the Indian and global polyester Yarn Market since its inception in 1996.
A reliability and superior quality standards sets us apart from our competitors in the polyester market. Trust and Satisfaction have helped us in retaining our customers. Having developed over 200 varieties of special yarns tailored to specific requirements, we have created a niche for ourselves as a reputed manufacturer of top quality Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) and we are a “one stop shop” for our customers in India and abroad. We are among the Top 5 fully integrated manufacturers of PFY in India, and also one of the fastest growing in the industry. Latest technology machines coupled with superior HR practices provide a perfect working environment for our growth. Setting new standards of quality through continuous improvement is a way of life at Wellknown Polyesters.

Group Profile

Wellknown Group commenced its operations in the year 1987 with the formation of Wellknown Textile Industries Ltd. (WTIL)
Wellknown Polyesters Ltd. (WPL) was promoted by WTIL in the year 1996. Wellknown Synthetics Ltd (WSL) was incorporated in the year 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of WPL.
The Group has been growing exponentially since its inception. The consolidated turnover has increased from Rs. 13 crores in FY 98 to 4970 crores (USD 730 million) in FY 19. The turnover is expected to cross Rs. 5300 crores (USD 760 million) in FY 20.

Wellknown Polyesters Ltd

WPL is among the top 5 fully integrated manufacturers of PFY in India and also one of the fastest growing in the industry. At WPL we offer the following products:
We are the biggest manufacturer of ATY, and among the Top 3 manufacturers of FDY in India.
We market our products under the brand names
We have a modern manufacturing facility, with the latest OerlikonBarmag technology for Continuous Polymerization (CP), POY & FDY. We also operate a large number of modern Texturizing and Twisting machines.