We believe that innovation is the leeway to lead in the market, and hence we continuously upgrade our products and maintain the best quality standards.

Product Application

We offer air textured, micro, cationic, full dull, dope-dyed and bright yarns which are used in products from trousers, shirts, suitings to ski-wear, from inner wear to sportswear. As a result of the controlled nature of our textured yarns with compact, soft, bulky and other unique characteristics all our apparel products have a far superior feel and level of comfort as compared to the ordinary polyesters.

Home Textiles
We offer fine micros, coarse micros, super-coarse, semi dull and bright yarns used in bed linen, table linen, kitchen linen, towels and curtains.

Our products are of the highest quality, thus making an ideal choice for automotive seat fabrics. The exceptional dyeing uniformity in super coarse deniers combined with high bulk consistency makes our yarn ideal for the end use.

Floor Covering
Our super coarse deniers (450-900), in semi dull and bright lustre are most commonly used in carpets. The enhanced properties of our polyester yarn enables the use of our coarse denier products in making floor covering products.

Fancy Products
Our air textured yarns are most popularly used in the weaving sector to achieve different effects after processing, for use in fancy fabrics.

New Product Range

Superstercth, are spandex covered polyester filament yarns to bring mechanical stretch to fabrics for enhanced performance, style and comfort. Wellknown Superstretch yarns are widely used in manufacture of apparel fabrics like  Shirting’s, Dress Material, Bottom Wear, Denim Fabrics.

Product Range

Continuing the journey towards excellence Wellknown have set up latest manufacturing facility for 225 TPD production of Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF). The two-step Staple Fibre plant along with technical know-how has been provided by Oerlikon Neumag of Germany which boasts of first such plant from Neumag in India. The plant is designed to meet highest quality requirements.

Our product basket offers PSF ranging from 0.6 Denier to 2.0 Denier in the cut-lengths from 32 mm to 51 mm. Our product range will ensure customer delight with state-of-the-art technology from Oerlikon Neumag – the world leaders.

From 70 Denier to 800 Denier in a wide range of lustres – Semi Dull, Full Dull, Bright, Cationic (Bright/ Semi dull) and Dope-dyed yarns.

From 50 Denier to 600 Denier – in all types of lustres and numerous fancy yarns, including wide range of Dope-dyed yarns.

From 30 Denier to 800 Denier in a wide range of lustres – Semi Dull, Full Dull, Bright, Cationic (Bright/ Semi dull) and Dope-dyed yarns. Yarns with special attributes like low boiling shrinkage, FDY for sizing etc.

From 80 Denier to 1200 Denier – in various lustres, fancy yarns and Dope-dyed yarns.

The continuous filament yarn also requires a small amount of twist in order to avoid the fraying of filaments and to increase abrasion resistance.

From 80 TPM to 1000 TPM with snarl free yarns.